Ordinary people …… or Superheroes ?

Wow !! It’s been so long since my last post that I nearly forgot I even have a blog ….. I wish I could say that I haven’t been posting recently because I have been terribly busy or uninspired or some other reason …… The fact is that I’ve just been lazy lately plain and simple …..

So I was sitting for my monthly haircut in this barber shop recently and I got this amazing idea.
[I always get inspirational ideas in weird places ….. usually when I’m pretty bored ….. I’m sure this happens to a lot of you guys as well]

What if the people we encountered on a regular basis like salesmen, accountants, barbers, bus conductors, taxi drivers were in fact extraordinary superheroes . I mean what if they had real superpowers and you didn’t know it. Heck, they could have even probably saved your life a couple of times without you ever knowing. That really gives you something to think about doesn’t it? If two billionaires (Bruce Wayne & Tony Stark) can pull of being part time superheroes, don’t you think that it would be possible for ordinary people to pull it off too.

These guys that you see everyday and pay no attention to could actually be saving lives everyday and punishing baddies while you are at home enjoying a good night’s sleep. It really gives you a reason to be nice to the people around you, because you never know the guy you help out today could be doing a lot more for you tomorrow.

Along parallel lines, what if there were special people assigned to protect you because you are responsible for an important discovery or innovation in the future ? These guys could be watching your back and you probably never notice them.

Song I recommend : Just One Last Time – David Guetta

The Irony of Being a High School Student

P.S : This post is pretty long. Better grab a chair (and some spare time). Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ve tried to make it as short as possible, but some things I just couldn’t cut out.

You know the funny thing about High School?

Once you are in it, you just can’t wait to be done with it . I mean wouldn’t life be so awesome without homework, uniforms, the project and file submissions, getting up early in the morning to hop on the bus? People always tell me “Man, I can’t wait to be done with school. I’m going to join college and party like crazy all night long and chill out with my friends and just enjoy life.”

Sure, the idea sounds great when you are in school. I mean, even I have had the same thoughts of freedom from school.

But, when you finally graduate, you suddenly feel aimless, lost in a wave of confusion as the real world starts to kick in. You begin to realise that you have actually been doing what you have always wanted to do in high school itself : party like crazy, chilling out with friends and enjoying life.
What about the other stuff such as homework and uniforms and school rules and all the other boring stuff you ask ?

Well I’ve been out of high school for a while now, searching for a college when it dawned on me that I actually miss it believe it or not. The going to school every morning, the homework, the uniforms, everything. You still-in-high-school-folks will not believe me I am sure. I mean how could anyone miss all that stuff right? That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out too.

It dawned on me when my sister and I watched a Korean drama series (my sis is a huge fan of KDrama). Now you guys are like “Seriously what is wrong with this guy ? Just yesterday he posted some crap about frogs and now Korean drama.” But in all seriousness, I truly enjoyed it (with English subtitles of course). It’s called “Reply 1997”. Try to watch it maybe if you have the time. I know I sound crazy, but trust me, you will enjoy it too.

What I miss the most :

* What I miss the most is getting to school early and finishing the homework before the teacher walks in. You know what I’m talking about, the teacher gives you work the previous day, which you have not bothered to do because you were too busy doing something else. So you get to school early and “teamwork” : copy the answers from a friend who has done half and give him the other half.

* Another thing I miss is dissing the teachers and talking crap about them, imitating them and making you’re friends laugh.

* Bunking and breaking the rules : This is one of my favourites. What kid doesn’t like to break the rules every once in a while? You know, the bunking class to go outside and play sports or to just hang out with other friends who have decided to bunk class as well. This is the kind of stuff that makes you feel so badass. Then there are the “illegal” things, the “no-phones-in-class” and the “no-students-beyond this-point” policies that students flout without a second thought.

* The exams.. “wait what is this guy talking about? No one could possibly miss exams, a kids worst nightmare !“. I do. I miss the cramming before exams and the actual exam day. Sitting next to your best friend so you can copy all the answers. Seriously it’s at times like these that the nerd who nobody ever talks to suddenly, overnight becomes every kids best friend. If you are a nerd, you probably know what I’m talking about, all the fame and glory overnight.

* The friends : Man, I’m telling you, if you were fortunate enough to have the kind of friends I had in school, you would love it just the way I did. One of the reasons that I had the strength to go to that boring old classroom with those crappy teachers in them was because of my friends. The nicknames we gave each other, the fun we made about teachers behind their backs, the support we gave and took in times of need. These are what true friends are : people who truly love you and accept you for who you are, people who truly understand you and can turn your shitty day the right way up with just a few words or a smile.

The order of friendship goes somewhat like this : acquaintance < friend < homie < best friend < bro . I was fortunate to have more bro’s than best friends or homies.
So, guys if you are reading this, I want to thank you for the amazing times we had together. The crazy shit we did. The fun we had. I only got through school because of you guys. So thanks. I will never forget you. You guys know who you are. I wish that I could name all of you, but the list would be so big, this post would seem miniscule ! I will always have a special place in my heart just for you guys. I am not trying to sound all sappy and sentimental. I truly mean it.

* Lastly, the bus rides : Who could ever forget the things we talked about in the bus, the jokes we cracked, the stuff we did. We broke a friggin’ mop. We throw a kids lunch box outside a window (unintentionally of course, I’m not a bully), we were always on the lookout for the girl’s bus. The music and movies we talked about. The crazy nicknames we gave each other, all the weirdness. Heck I ate an entire subway sandwich without anyone noticing (and when they eventually did find out, boy were they pissed because I did not offer them anything). The bus parties, the “Chewing gum Incident” , the water fights and finally the pranks we pulled on each other (my favourite : tie a dude’s shoelaces to the bus seat just before he arrives at his stop and watch him scramble, trying to untie it in a desperation to get off the bus, while you just sit there and look at his face innocently like you had no part in the plot). Imagine looking at him like the pokerface meme taking the internet by storm these days. Just hilarious !

Advice to the still-in-schoolers : You may hate school today. I did. But now I realize how much I actually loved every single part of it. So my advice to you guys is this : enjoy every moment of your current time in school. When you are finally out, you will realize how awesome it actually was.

P.P.S – I just heard Photograph by Nickelback which is where the inspiration for this post came from. I’m sorry that this is such a long post. It’s not filled with words though. It contains the feelings of my heart. Sorry for the typos and crappy grammar if you guys find any. It was kinda late.

An Unwelcome Visitor !

So imagine you wake up in the middle of the night and your body decides that it’s time for a visit to the bathroom. So, you get out of bed all groggy eyed and in the semi-REM stage. You put on the bathroom lights, do your business and then just as you are about to push the button, your eyes suddenly open wide. What you see next proceeds to scare the living crap out of you.
Now I’m not saying that this is exactly what happened. I may have exaggerated just a tiny bit on the actual details like for example how this incident really did not happen to me, or the fact that it was not the middle of the night. The events still had the same effect on me.
Oh you want to know what spooked me? Don’t laugh, it could happen to you too.
Here it is :

Now I know that you guys are still probably laughing at me anyway, but this guy just jumped (after I snagged a couple of photos) right over my head when the camera flashed and I ran away screaming like a little girl forgetting all about how us boys are supposed to be all macho and tough.
People tend to forget things like dignity when a behemoth of a slimy amphibian is trying out to get you (again with the exaggeration).
At least I got a couple of photos to prove this little guys existence.

This happened two days ago. But, now I keep seeing these guys all over the place. ow I know what you’re thinking : This dude has totally lost it … he’s hallucinating about frogs or toads (whatever the hell they are (I could never make out the difference anyway)).
I thought I was hallucinating myself, so I decided to snag another bunch of photos just to confirm my sanity.
Here is another, probably the dad …….


This guy (henceforth known as “The Dad”) was probably out to seek revenge. Great I thought, now I have an entire family of amphibians out to get me.
The Dad looked like he was on crack. He seemed to be saying “Chill out bro !” in that totally chilled-out-mood-cause-i’m-on-meth way
If the Dad looks like this, I don’t think I’ll be sticking around the house to check out what mamma frog/toad looks like.
The next time I see another one, I’m outta there. Dignity won’t save you when you’re on the run from convict frogs.

In case you were wondering, yes this post is in continuation with my previous one titled “Move Over Cats !”.
Here is yet another (probably the millionth) picture of my silly-in-a-good-way dog.


Move over cats !

Ok… I’m on a mission … I am really angry ! The internet is full of damn cats . I can’t really understand this craze. I for one just don’t like cats. They’re evil . You can tell by that villianous look on their faces .
People say that cats are cleaner than dogs but I’m not buying it. Also, dogs are way more smarter and actually do something useful – they guard your house. They dont just lie around acting cute while sneaking around your house, enter your kitchen and rid you of a years worth of food as if it’s a favour to you. Besides, cats scratch, claw, bite and hack up hairballs.

Have you seen Garfield the fat lazy cat who can’t do anything useful? Now have you seen Lassie the beloved dog?
After all there is a reason why dogs are called “Man’s Best Friend”.

Now do you understand where I am going with this post ?

So anyway, listen up all you pet lovers. It’s time we started a new trend.
What I’m suggesting is this : Tonight, overnight we sneak onto the internet and upload as many cute pet pictures (cats not allowed) as we can find . Let’s prove to the world that there are much better pets than stupid fat cats doing lame things.

I will take the initiative and start this new trend. Move over cats , it’s time for other pets to go viral.
Here is a picture of my dog Tossy (It was my grandmom that named him ….. before we came to know he was male and the name kinda stuck. We didn’t want to change the name and hurt my grandmoms feelings) :


Told you dogs were smarter than cats !

So if you guys plan on joining this trend, all you gotta do is leave a link in the comments section below to a post containing a picture (or video) of your pet (cats strictly prohibited). Also dont forget to tag your post : moveovercats

REQUIREMENTS : Post a picture or video of one of your pets. I don’t care if it is a dog, fish, rabbit, snail, turtle, horse, lizard, tortise, frog, snake or even a friggin octupus for that matter .
Just don’t post another picture of a cat.

Flow : Japanese Rock Band


This is the first time that I actually get to use the WordPress app . I’ve had it forever but constant access to a computer rendered it redundant.

So here I am bored to death wondering what to blog about when an idea suddenly pops up.

If you guys haven’t already, you should go check out the japanese rock band FLOW. I was introduced to the band while watching the popular anime series – Naruto. They did three of the many cool theme songs called ‘Sign’, ‘Remember’ and ‘Go’.The track ‘Go’ is also called ‘Fighting Dreamers’ because of its catchy chorus.
These guys are really awesome . People always ask me why I have japanese music on my Ipod . The reason is FLOW.

My favourite album is called “SPLASH!!!”. You guys should definitely check it out . They give relief from todays sometime boring english music. Trust me, you will fall in love with this band .

If you want to read more about them, check out the Wikipedia link below :
Flow (band)


Goat Edition !

Hehehehe …. a really hilarious thing happened to me recently .

I have been trying to update my blog over the past few weeks and everytime I posted I discovered that it had’nt really posted on my home page. 

At first I was bewildered and I blamed WordPress for all the muddlement.

Then my dad came home one day and said, “Son, why the hell have you been posting on my blog ? “. Yes, I had unknowingly been posting on his blog for around two weeks.


Anyways enjoy this almost viral video of songs remixed hilariously in Goat Edition Style :

and the second part :

and the third part (which I never knew existed) : 


Live from an exam hall !!!

I am in the exam hall right now … My computer science final practical examination is going on …. and all I can think about is how long ago it was that I actually posted …

So I decided … even if i get caught blogging in the middle of an exam …it would be worth it … cause I would be the first person in history to ever do so..

Oh crap …. that was close ….. too close …. almost got caught …

< 5 minutes later > Its about to be my turn for that dreaded portion of any practical examination – Viva ….. just a couple more guys left …

Oh and the examiner came late to the exam hall … exam was supposed to start at 8:00 A.M … but it actually started at 9 …. stupid examiner got confused and went to a different school …

Almost there …. its gonna be viva time soon … wish me best of luck !!

< 5 minutes later > Wow this guy is asking so many damn questions … I can’t stand it anymore … It’s still not my turn yet … what is he an interrogator or something … just ask a couple of questions and get the hell outta here man … stop wasting my time …

I got things to blog about … !!!

Oh btw… I copied some answers royally on this exam … from a guy halfway across the room …. it was risky ….. but totally worth it … I can’t believe that it’s February so fast …

Okay …. here it comes gotta go .. see ya… and forgive my pauses and language .. im kinda doing somethnig I should’nt be right now so ….

Take care and enjoy yourselves guys !!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas …….

Merry Christmas !

Today was just awesome …. I’ve been awake for 24 hours now (my first time)
and I feel so proud for having stayed awake a whole day… I was on Santa lookout duty … and well whaddya know …. Mr. Santy pants did not visit my house this year !
Now before you guys pass judgement … I’ll have you know that I have been exceptionally good this year … so Mr. Claus …if you are reading this …. where are my gifts ??

It’s been over a few hours now and I’m starting to doze off …. so if I do not receive any gifts this year … Imma call my lawyer !
In other news … I’ve been stuffing myself so full of Christmas sweets, cupcakes and other goodies that I think I might have put on a million pounds ….
Anyway, you guys go ahead and have yourselves a merry little Christmas …..

Ode To Rain …

Okay …. you guys are gonna think I’m pretty weird after reading this post so ….
I dunno why I wrote this … I just kinda felt inspired to after seeing it rain in the desert (in dubai) … now when I say rain, I mean rain and thunderstorms and stuff… not just a slight drizzle …
Its pretty long so prepare yourself …. hope you guys have an awesome imagination !
Anyways here goes …..

The skies opened up and the heavens cried out,
flashes of natures light streaked across the night sky,
illuminating the world in its wake.
Deep within the bosom of the sky,
a low thunderous boom resounded
heralding the dawn of monsoon.

Men,women and children emerged from their homes,
carrying umbrellas and wearing raincoats,
but not he.
He had on just a shirt and a pant,
nothing else to protect him from the cold.

Out he came and looking up to the clouds,
he held up his hands,
feeling each individual drop of natures tears,
each cold drop tingled his senses,
Each drop left him in awe.

He jumped at the sound of thunder
and held his breath in awe as a bolt raced across the sky.
He shivered as he beheld the power of nature.
His body surged with adrenaline,
reviving him, erasing the monotony of his life.

It grew colder still and the children ran indoors.
But he remained, his arms outstreched towards heaven.
He closed his eyes, feeling the drops of rain on his face,
and made a wish.
Instantly, another bolt raced by.
He opened his eyes and smiled.
He knew his wish would be fulfilled.

Okay guys …. so thats it …. please comment and tell me how you like it … also you may find typos so if you do let me know …. because I was so sleepy that I did not have the strength to check for any…
Until the next post

Sayonara !!