Ode To Rain …

Okay …. you guys are gonna think I’m pretty weird after reading this post so ….
I dunno why I wrote this … I just kinda felt inspired to after seeing it rain in the desert (in dubai) … now when I say rain, I mean rain and thunderstorms and stuff… not just a slight drizzle …
Its pretty long so prepare yourself …. hope you guys have an awesome imagination !
Anyways here goes …..

The skies opened up and the heavens cried out,
flashes of natures light streaked across the night sky,
illuminating the world in its wake.
Deep within the bosom of the sky,
a low thunderous boom resounded
heralding the dawn of monsoon.

Men,women and children emerged from their homes,
carrying umbrellas and wearing raincoats,
but not he.
He had on just a shirt and a pant,
nothing else to protect him from the cold.

Out he came and looking up to the clouds,
he held up his hands,
feeling each individual drop of natures tears,
each cold drop tingled his senses,
Each drop left him in awe.

He jumped at the sound of thunder
and held his breath in awe as a bolt raced across the sky.
He shivered as he beheld the power of nature.
His body surged with adrenaline,
reviving him, erasing the monotony of his life.

It grew colder still and the children ran indoors.
But he remained, his arms outstreched towards heaven.
He closed his eyes, feeling the drops of rain on his face,
and made a wish.
Instantly, another bolt raced by.
He opened his eyes and smiled.
He knew his wish would be fulfilled.

Okay guys …. so thats it …. please comment and tell me how you like it … also you may find typos so if you do let me know …. because I was so sleepy that I did not have the strength to check for any…
Until the next post

Sayonara !!


Parkour manga (finally) !!

Hey traceurs [parkour enthusiasts] out there !!

I got some amazing news for ya.

Word has it that there is a new manga series in town called ‘R.u.N‘ based on parkour.

From what I read, I can tell that this one’s gonna be awesome.

The protagonist looks cool and is apparently a French dude.

Hmm … enough spoilers for now.

It’s finally happening isn’t it? Parkour is spreading all over the world my friends …..

A new generation has been born…. The  Pk generation !

Here’s the link. What are you waiting for? Go check it out !!


What Parkour Means To Me

For those of you who don’t know what parkour is, I’m sorry you’ll just have to find out on your own.

Parkour is not limited by a definition. I could tell you what parkour is but to truly understand it you’ll just have to experience it for yourselves.

Parkour is … a way of expressing your feelings, art, imagination, a way to overcome your fears, breaking free, daring to live, doing what people say is impossible, truly living, having fun, overcoming obstacles – both mental and physical ….. and much, much more !!

Sebatian Foucan says that when you view a wall, you try to find a way to overcome the obstacle. When you succeed,you will find that in life nothing can hold you back. In parkour when you are about to try a jump, you hesitate not knowing whether you will succeed or fail. But, when you succeed you instantly overcome your fears and suddenly there is not one force in this universe that can stop you from achieving your dreams.

This to me is the philosophy of parkour.

Just Some Awesome Parkour Videos I Came Across (Part 1)

Hey guys, so I was just browsing for parkour videos when I came across these three. Now if you guys don’t really understand why people do parkour, well, they say it all !!! 

I just love this video because of the water drops scene from 2:23 to 2:30. Just incredible.

Here is another great video. It really is breath – taking !

Ahh … You just have to watch this one to understand the deeper meaning of parkour. This one moved me .